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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Updated update

Okay, I feel really bad leaving my previous post up so long. I promise I am not in a mental institution or rehab.

The tomorrow after my last post was not a good one. Nor the next. There had been mild work related drama, and a familiar anxiety filled knot was beginning to form in my stomach. However, unlike my previous job, where one drama filled situation led unresolved to the next, this situation was handled fabulously and resolved within a week. My directors worked together using logic, respect, and compassion for their staff to come up with a great solution. And I wonder how I managed to make it for six long, drama-filled years at such a negative, horrible place? Which, from what I hear, hasn't gotten any better with my departure, so there, former boss, you were wrong. Anyway, I already know t he answer to my question, I stayed because I hate change. Even good ones. Something to work on.

So after a veree bad week I decided to get away for the weekend. My friend Kristi and I took the kids down to Dwight for a nice relaxing weekend. And it was. Great weather, kids played outside and enjoyed the freedom of being able to explore a little, we saw a snake, good times.

And while I would love to type THE END. in giant letters, you should know by now that's not how my luck runs.

On the way back, my van died. DIED. Is still dead, about 120 miles away. Parked at a marina. Not the marina where my mom's boat is, by the way. That would be to easy. No, the nice man with the tow truck dropped it off at the wrong marina. About 20 miles away. And it's not by any city of any real size. And we now, and for the next several weeks, have one van and seven people with seven different schedules. And our tax rebate money is now spent on van repairs.


The weekend produced this picture of my kids. Which makes it all come out about even in my book.
Keithclan, 3:42 PM


that's a great picture! check your email - I sent the one taken at the lake.

let us know what's goin' on with your vehicle, okay?

Anonymous mom, at 9:43 AM  
GREAT picture with that new camera!

Sorry about the car troubles... and at least one day you'll be laughing about the tow guy dropping it off at the wrong marina, right?
Blogger LaughterThoughts, at 11:28 AM  
Here's to a better week?! Let someone else answer the door, and the phone:)
Blogger Pam, at 11:23 PM  
just so it is out in cyber space forevermore, let it be known that the wisest older sister on earth tried to get you to quit that job at least 4,198 times. you should listen to me more. i told you so. phhhhhhhht. so there. and all that other mushy stuff.
Blogger heather4285, at 1:05 PM  

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