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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whining time

Why did I think that the chaos of day to day life would diminish as the holidays ended? Things are hectic. We are busy, busy, busy. Rescheduled-due-to-the-ice-storm holiday events, basketball, play practices, concerts, cub scouts, church, work, surgeries, yada yada yada. I know what you are thinking, poor, poor, Jamie. I appreciate the sympathy tears.

While you're feeling sorry for me, go ahead and shed a tear for the ridiculous weather I have to endure. I see all the blogs with the happy children playing in the snow, and I feel envy. We just have freezing cold wind and enough snow to be annoying. No snowmen, no sledding, just a dusting of the white stuff. And did I mention the cold, cold wind?

I am planning summer fun to get my mind off it. Trips to K.C., hopefully the Great Wolf Lodge in Texas, maybe Branson? maybe New York for some of the Keiths? Anything sounds good to me right now as long as short sleeves and flip-flops are appropriate attire.

I am taking a barely 24 hour hiatus sans kids and hubby tomorrow. I won't say why. It doesn't have anything to do with tonights premiere of Lost. And it doesn't involve custom made "Lost watch party" shirts, or Dharma logo beer, or an island themed dinner. Because that would be kinda dorky. Oh yeah, so am I! And I'm really looking forward to it. Especially the sans kids part :)
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The new and improved Lillian!

Now with 100% fewer tonsils*! And 50% better hearing! New improved Lillian comes with princess pajamas and a kitty Webkinz!

*removal of tonsils will certainly cause "death breath". "death breath" may cause dizziness and nausea.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Roundin' up a posse

I am starting an organization: M.A.M.S. Moms against moon sand. Anyone want to join?

Once we get enough members, we will be heading over to the makers of moon sand's houses with kids in tow for so good ol' vigilante justice.

I am hoping that each and every one has at least one light colored carpet or rug, just perfect for grinding moon sand in.

The older children will leave little piles of moon sand on the couches for the little ones to come dribbles sippy cup puddles of juice onto. Nothing like moon sand paste!

No room will be granted mercy. There will be moon sand in the dishwashers, moon sand in the bathtubs, moon sand in the DVD players, and moon sand in the sheets.

Contact me at if you are ready to hop on board. Let's show these people just how much their ingenious product is appreciated!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I bet they never made eye contact

While I am completely aware that neither "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger nor "Bryan Adam's "Heaven" were playing in the background, that doesn't stop them from playing in my head when I look at the picture.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My new favorite

Someone found my blog by searching "Did Nostradamus predict the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin's death?"

That totally beats "lady Angela spanking."

By the way, he did predict it. Right after he predicted the outcome of the O.J. trial and Jamie Lynn's pregnancy.
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Monday, January 07, 2008

Ending 2007 with a bang, er, bump.

We spent New Years Eve helping a friend move to "the big house". No, not what you're thinking. She lives at a camp and with her promotion to Executive Director came a move to a bigger house. We graciously offered to spend our holiday weekend helping her move. Never mind that he main reason for our generosity is due largely to the fact that her moving greatly increases the size of our vacation home...

Lillian tripped while going up the stairs, and busted her chin open. One surprisingly quick trip to a very small town Er, a little surgical glue, a pack of bubble gum and a sparkly pink cell phone later, and all was well by midnight.

The next day, she asked me:

"mommy, when am I going to be on the news?"
"what do you mean?"
"When am I going to be on the news? Everybody wants to know that I hurt my chin. You know? Like Pierce was on the news after he went to the doctor."

For the dog bites. I told her that, unfortunately, she would not be making her television debut, and she sulked off.

I can't get her on the news, but I can put her on my blog.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Ours was, with the exception of a few kinks. ICE STORM 2007!!!!! had us displaced for a few days, but luckily we were able to stay in a family friend's guest house. Cramped, yes, but the kids thought it was an adventure. We watched "Elf" every night for at least a week. When asked what he thought Santa would bring him for Christmas, Max began answering "candy, candy canes, and candy corns" a line from the movie. Which is better than the "give me a juice box, biatch" that he picked up a few months earlier from "Zathura". It has since been banned from the Keith house.

We went to Kansas City for Christmas and got caught in some pretty nasty weather on the way there. Usually a five hour drive, it would have been a ten plus hour drive had we made it the whole way. We decided to stay the night in Emporia after traveling a dashing ten miles an hour behind a snow plow for an hour. The roads were much better in the morning, and we had a great trip.

I was pretty sure I was going to make my blogging hiatus a permanent one. I have been very frustrated as of late with the whole blog thing. What is the purpose of my blog?
What direction do I want to take it? Should it be a mostly picture blog? Hard to do without a digital camera. Should it be an outlet for my frustrations? Nothing but "dear so and so" letters? Or a brag blog? All about how great my kids are? Or the opposite, a "you wouldn't believe how hard it is to have five kids" blog?

I am not a bare my sole kind of gal, there are many things that I don't mind sharing with most of the dozen or so of you who read my blog, but this is the Internet. Some of the people who find my blog via searching creepy phrases on Google, yeah, I don't so much want them to know my deepest darkest secrets.

However, if I am going to have a blog, it needs to reflect who I am. What my daily life is really like, my beliefs, my likes and dislikes....That's all so hard to do if you aren't going to spend more than ten minutes a week on your blog.

Alright, this next part is going to sound corny, so bear with me.

Like I said, I was pretty sure I was throwing in the towel. I had decided to try a daily journal,something that I and later my children could look back on and remember what that week, month, year was like. But then my mom gave a present for Christmas. This really cool jigsaw puzzle made almost entirely of pictures she had obtained from "My Hamper Floweth Over." Putting it together really made me nostalgic.

So I am going to give it another whirl. I am going to dedicate a little more time to it, and try not to view time blogging as time wasted. Corny, yes, but I am leaving a mark. The baby books are barely filled out, our calendar is dry erase, the camera is so many times forgotten, I just don't want the moments of our lives to be forgotten in all the chaos of the day to day.

So happy 2008! May it be a great one for us all!
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