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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'd rather have the frogs and locusts, thank you

Hey, what grosser than head lice? PINK EYE!!! And we have had it bad. Worse than bad. Horrible. I couldn't look Lillian in the eyes on Sunday. Have you ever seen the movie 28 Days Later? That's what her eyes looked like. Pink was an understatement. She had red eyes.

The bright side? At least Ashton didn't get it (I am knocking on the computer desk). Although Friday her beloved hamster, the one she
inherited from her friend who moved to Germany, escaped from its cage. We spent hours looking for it. I cleaned under all my furniture. Maybe you people do that on a regular basis, but around here, if you can't see it, it isn't dirty. I gave up around 9:00 p.m. My dog ( my twelve year old dog) kept sniffing under the bed in our room. I looked, I swept away every last dust bunny, but I
saw nothing. Max started jumping on the bed after we put his jammies on, and the dog began whimpering and scratching at the floor. I looked under the bed again, and noticed that the backing of the box spring had come undone a little. We decided to look, why not? And there he was! In the box spring of our bed! We quickly tacked up the backing, because if that rodent found its way in... I'd rather not think about it. Ashton was elated. Buddy is doing fine.

So I am anxiously awaiting the next plagues. I am guessing it will be the stomach flu, followed by strep throat, with some sort of icky rashy thing next, and then, who knows? Someone gets bit by a rabid squirrel? Can't wait to find out!

Here are some school pics of the youngest two. Enjoy
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

great times for some "louse-y" for others

I am having a difficult time keeping up with blogging, too much on my mind and too few hours in the day.

Work is still great, not much to write about. Great people, no drama*, and the better pay is oh so nice.

And we have a newly improved member in the Keith household:
I give you Max Keith! Now 84% less aggressive and binky-free since 4-5-07!

no longer the classroom bully is Max! He is much happier at school, and has even been caught sharing with (though nothing Wiggles or Thomas related) and hugging other students! I can't tell you what a relief it is. I haven't screwed him up! (yet).

Ashton, however, has made Keith history with the first Keith case of....buh buh bummmm... Head Lice!!!!

I can guess what you are thinking; "That poor child! Her best friend moves to Germany, she has five teeth pulled, and now head lice? Where can we send donations for her therapy?"

But honestly, she has such an amazing outlook, a wonderful attitude, none of it has broke her stride in the least. And I am okay with it now, too (after staying up until 1:30 sterilizing the house and children.) And hey, if I remember correctly (and I know I do) Chrissy had head lice on Growing Pains

And it didn't slow her down! She got to Play Annie in a horrible remake.

I mean really. Why would you even bother without Carol Burnett?

*I am aware that there may be some mild drama in my new work environment, but you won't find me seeking it. I have had enough of that for a lifetime

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Pretty sure I want to be able to count all my chickens on one hand

I love all my kids. A lot. I can't imagine my life without a single one of them. Although none were officially planned, none are at all regretted.

That being said, I feel my family is complete. Sure, I look at tiny baby toes, floppy heads, babies smiling in their sleep...and ache just a little. But I am really excited about all of the things my kids are doing now and will do in the future. I want to be a homeroom mom. I want to be able to watch their soccer/t-ball/basketball games, go on school field trips... (not to mention that I would like to one day be able to see the bottom of my hamper). And that is hard to do with five. I can't imagine it with six. And the grandchildren, people. There will be many, they will be spoiled.

So, when my personal Psychic Friends Network (ejk) mentioned a dream with a new Keith daughter, the same friend who has had premonitions about two Keith kids, and whose son had a premonition about another, lets just say I am not going to work too hard at getting Max out of our bed anytime soon. Maybe Chad can sleep in Max's toddler bed?

Oh, and when talking with another friend, I said

"hey, you should get together this Wednesday with my family and ejk's family for dinner."

And she said "what?"

I repeated myself, and she said "I could have sworn you just said you were pregnant."


dear ejk,

The future of our marital relations is in your hands. We will make no decisions without assurance from you that they will not result in a baby girl that looks like Max and has a masculine name. If you could please have another dream in the near (very near) future, it would be much appreciated by me (and probably even more by Mr. Keith)......pause for ecckks, and ewwws. Thanks in advance for your speedy response.

Mom to plenty

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