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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

Yep, I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Thursday. The big 3 3. That doesn't count as mid-thirties, does it?
A friend of mine who is a little (a few months) older than me said she remembers watching "Thirty Something" when she was younger and thinking how old the characters were. I remember feeling exactly the same way. Not only that, but I also thought it was weird that they were all such older parents of young kids. Yep, that's proof I am from a small town in the mid west, ain't it?
There are some things I find interesting about being 33, some things that take me by surprise:
1. I feel much younger than my body looks. Who is that old lady in the mirror?
2. Music from my youth can make me forget what year it is. I'll be driving down the road
mini-van radio blaring some wonderful eighties tune when the "Mom! People are staring at us! Turn that down, gosh!" literally makes me jump. What? Who was that? I have kids? Five of them? When did this happen? And I totally feel like I aged from 16 to 33 in that very moment.
3. I still think farts are funny

Anyway, my birthday was nice. I am a big Coldplay fan, and since some people don't think that Coldplay changing their concert date is sufficient enough reason to change the date of their wedding*, and now I probably won't get to go to their concert, Chad managed to book them on the Daily Show for my birthday. Which was great, considering Jon Stewart and Chris Martin are the two men I would consider leaving my husband for. He even managed to have them play "Lost!" which is my favorite song from their new album. Impressive, huh?

*Just kidding, myself and the rest of the Keiths are all totally excited about the wedding. But I was wondering, have you asked about them playing at the reception? You never know...
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

You know you're getting older when....

I am in the office, which is right off the living room, and the kids are flipping through the channels. I hear Oprah, and ask the kids to wait a minute, I want to see what her show is about today.

Oprah: Today we have an idol, his millions of fans know him as J.T.

Me: oooh, leave it here, I want to see this.

Kids: loud sigh, and I think I can actually hear their eyes rolling in their heads.

Oprah:(I should mention here that there is some vaguely familiar pop music playing in the background) Here is is the one and only Justin Timberlake!

Me: loud sigh, I am pretty sure you can hear my eyes rolling in my head, "you can change it now"

Anyone care to guess who I mistakenly thought was Oprah's guest?.
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Monday, June 02, 2008

For recruitment purposes

I have had it up to here with blogger. It Took me about 10 tries to get that video of Jordan singing up, and each time I lost my whole post. There was initially witty text involved, something about my camera being broken because it didn't capture the cherubim sitting at my daughter's shoulder and the heavens opening and shining down upon her, but I was so fed up by the time my husband finally managed to get the video up that I couldn't look at my computer screen if that annoying blogger logo was in the corner.

Anyway, I guess I am over it. And I have great news! I just found out that a very good old friend of mine that I haven't seen in many years has finally seen the light and become a Presbyterian! That's right, another Presbyterian with hair that is neither a shade of blue or gray! And, she has more kids than me. Six. Five of them boys. Her house is probably as loud as mine! And maybe even as messy!

You know what that means, right? That I am by Presbyterian law required to recruit her for family camp. I have already mentioned the no cooking or dishes for seven whole meals in a row, which is all it takes for me, really, but I thought I might post some pictures as well in case she needs some extra convincing.

This is the camp in its entirety.

As a new Presby, I am guessing you have never seen so many walker free fellow Presbys, eh?

Okay, I know the pool pictures could have a negative recruiting effect on a mother. You want to put on a swimsuit how early in t he summer? But I will volunteer to sit next to you. I'll even put off that diet I've been talking about since Max was born for another whole year. The sacrifices I'll make for a friend....

This eight week old baby of a fellow class of 93 graduate from big Mac was there this year. I won't tell you who it is unless you come.

There's canoing!

There's fishing!

Processed meat!

And catfish skeletons!

I think that last picture would seal the deal for just about anyone.
they should hire me to make the brochures.
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