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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

Yep, I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Thursday. The big 3 3. That doesn't count as mid-thirties, does it?
A friend of mine who is a little (a few months) older than me said she remembers watching "Thirty Something" when she was younger and thinking how old the characters were. I remember feeling exactly the same way. Not only that, but I also thought it was weird that they were all such older parents of young kids. Yep, that's proof I am from a small town in the mid west, ain't it?
There are some things I find interesting about being 33, some things that take me by surprise:
1. I feel much younger than my body looks. Who is that old lady in the mirror?
2. Music from my youth can make me forget what year it is. I'll be driving down the road
mini-van radio blaring some wonderful eighties tune when the "Mom! People are staring at us! Turn that down, gosh!" literally makes me jump. What? Who was that? I have kids? Five of them? When did this happen? And I totally feel like I aged from 16 to 33 in that very moment.
3. I still think farts are funny

Anyway, my birthday was nice. I am a big Coldplay fan, and since some people don't think that Coldplay changing their concert date is sufficient enough reason to change the date of their wedding*, and now I probably won't get to go to their concert, Chad managed to book them on the Daily Show for my birthday. Which was great, considering Jon Stewart and Chris Martin are the two men I would consider leaving my husband for. He even managed to have them play "Lost!" which is my favorite song from their new album. Impressive, huh?

*Just kidding, myself and the rest of the Keiths are all totally excited about the wedding. But I was wondering, have you asked about them playing at the reception? You never know...
Keithclan, 8:48 PM



33 is definitely NOT mid-thirties. I must admit that I've enjoyed getting older because I've finally come into my own and figured out who I am BUT I still feel like a teenager - even if I do drive a mini-van (with the music turned up all the way!)
Blogger Pam, at 7:05 PM  
if you think being a m-e-r-e 33 is old, wait til you're 60! I now know what your Grandma Dorothy meant when she complained about the "old lady" looking back at her in the mirror ... you wonder where all that time went.

anyway, glad you had a good birthday.

(any new pictures?)

Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:14 AM  
I completely understand about feeling younger than you look! I had the privledge of going to the doctor for a varicose vein consultation! Varicose veins?? Seriously?? Will my body ever cooperate without intervention??
Anonymous Whitney, at 9:48 AM  
happy belated birthday :)

i know what you mean-- i still feel like i should be in college... i graduated, got married, had a bunch of babies... and all that time just flew by. my mind thinks i'm still 20!
Blogger LaughterThoughts, at 12:21 PM  
Ok, the kids are back in school - time to blog again! Where have you gone? Come back!
Blogger Pam, at 4:17 PM  
Farts ARE funny, and I'm pushing 40.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:23 AM  

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