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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sisterhood of the poopy pants

So what do you think of the proposed name change, girls? Sadly, for many of us, the title would be fitting even if we didn't have kids. Hope to post some pics of our weekend trip, (but OBVIOUSLY not all of them) as soon as I get them from Ashli, hint hint. It was a great trip, we ate at a "fondon't"restaurant on the way there, ask Ashli about the dessert, and had fun doing, well ,a lot of nothing. At lunch on Saturday we sat around the table and snacked for well over an hour, something unimaginable with the kids. And the rest of the time was spent braiding each others hair, swapping recipes, and playing mah jong, or was it pillow fights and group showering? It's all highly classified "poopy pants" material. Because, remember WHAT HAPPENS AT THE LAKE STAYS AT THE LAKE
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