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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Does this mean we should go to church more..Or less??

We are riding in the van today after picking the girls up from P.T., and have this conversation:

MOM "hey girls, have your classes saved a lot of money to send to Uganda?"

JORDAN "What are you talking about?"

MOM "Hello? You've raided every place we keep change, the vans, the change dish in our room, supposedly to send to Uganda, right?"

JORDAN "Oh, that! No, mom, that money is going to Africa, there's a war going on there, you know."

While trying to explain this to my daughters during horrid visions of them being on "Jay-Walking", I start flipping through the radio stations. Unable to find anything to my liking, leave it on a rather sappy Christian song featuring a guy singing "I have nothing...I have nothing...Without you"

PIERCE "Somebody should send him money, he has nothing."
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mom says, withouth batting an eyelash

"Hey mom! What does it mean when it says Malfoy gave Harry and Ron a rude hand gesture? Is that like when you make your hand into an "L" and put it on your forhead?"

"yes, although I bet it's something different in the wizarding world, like an "M" for muggle."

"Yeah, I'll bet you are right."
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

de ja puke

So my life has been a little stressful lately. I konw, you ask, "why?" It's not like you have 5 kids and work with a load of others, come on Jamie, stop whining! Anyway, I decided to take a personal day today. My plan was to drop the four oldest kids off at their respective summer programs, go to T.J. Maxx in Edmond with just the baby, meet my husband for lunch, come home have a little nap, and NOT CLEAN MY HOUSE! Not that it doesn't need it, just that that's what I ALWAYS do when I get a little time off. And apparently, that was JUST TOOOO MUCH TO ASK!! 2:00 AM, Max wakes up to eat, I start to feed him and hear the now too familiar sound of Lilllian yacking in her bed. Aahhh parenthood. So my day off of r.r. ends up a day off with sick whining kids. THANK YOU MR. MURPHY!!!!!!!!
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Monday, July 11, 2005


P.T is going just great .I cant wait to do our play .Its a harry potter play , im herminy and moaning murtul. I dont think we can do it to night . Because we dont have eveyone that we need . But we can do it another night. I cant wait to eat at family fun night im starrving. Well i have to go.Ill write agin .
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Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Pics of The Max

Sorry it has been awhile since we have posted. I have sacrificed my game time to post pictures of my beloved son. God knows the wonders that could be accomplished if Jamie would sacrifice hers... (Did I just say that?) I can't complain, I'm the one who bought her 4 Nancy Drew PC games not knowing the full consequences of doing so. She deserves it, Any soul who is brave enough to take on the stress of seismic proportions that encompass child care both home and at work, deserves a little distraction. (Good save huh honey?) Anyway, for my beloved wife... Here they are, Enjoy!

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