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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

For only one comment today...

You can help a poor, helpless blogger. WHY CAN'T I COMMENT??? Since I became a "new blogger", I haven't figured out how to leave comments. When I sign in with my old user name and password, it says they are incorrect. When I sign in with my new password and username, it takes me to my blog. WHY? Please try not to laugh too hard at me, and please help. I don't want to ask my husband. He is always "condescending computer guy" when he explains how to do these things (love ya, honey). Anyway, I await your help.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

For Karen

Karen requested a comment on her saturday post, but Blogger wouldn't let me comment. Ugghhh! So I decided to comment here,

When I had two children (yes, I do have some vague memories of that) I read an article in some parenting magazine about quality time. It suggested that if you could allot just 15 minutes of individual time for each child during the day, it would help improve parent/child relations. "Scoff, 15 minutes?! That is not nearly enough! Why I spend at least five times that amount on one on one time with my children!" Those were my come-back-to-haunt-you thoughts.

But the truth is, for mothers who are with their children collectively fot the majority of the day, it is easy to go an entire day without having really given an individual child undivided (not playing cards while checking homework, reading a book while changing a diaper, or folding the laundry and playing teacher) attention.

My four year old and my eight year old are the hardest for me to connect with. My four year old gets a lot of "I'll pretend to be Erika while you are Annaliese and I am also making a dentist appointment" attention, but I have to very consciously remember to give her true attention. And my eight year old is so much fun, she loves word puzzles and riddles... But the oldest always needs help with her homework, the six year old is learning to read, and Max is, well Max. So it is easy to take care of the seemingly more impotant needs and inadvertantly push aside the not so squeaky wheel.

But if you push them aside long enough, they can really start to squeak! One trick I have learned is to use an especially cheery voice while your little one is throwing a fit. Another is to whisper, or sometimes I have actually started acting like them. That works for Lillian, she always breaks into hysterics, but it just makes Max mad.

I know Jordan got ridiculous amounts of undivided attention, but I actually hovered too much. She has had the hardest time developing independence and problem solving skills. And a good sibling relationship is priceless. Knowing that they will be able to look back together and say "man, mom was a luittle nutso, huh?" gives me comfort (totally just kidding about that).

Anyway, in my humble opinion, it is the mothers who worry that they are not doing enough who reallly have nothing to worry about. Their kids know that they have always been and will always be loved.
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thanks a Bunch!

A big thanks to whoever nominated me for the Blog Awards! I was so excited to see the nomination for best commenter, because I always worry that my comments are too long. And I can't seem to keep from frequently sharing my own similar experiences. But I love to leave comments! (as well as get them, hint, hint).

And to whoever nominated me for Blogger you would most like to meet? We'll be coming to your house next weekend! You can accommodate 7, right? Oh, and I hope you have Dora/Wiggles DVDs. Or else there will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Seriously, Thanks! It definitely brightened my weekend!
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A little of this, a little of that

I went to see "Pan's Labyrinth" last night. How was it, you ask? Well, overall, I liked the movie. However, athough I don't mind seeing foreign movies with subtitles, I like to know that I am going to see a movie with subtitles in advance. To prepare myself. And as one of the people I saw it with pointed out, it's not a great thing to see a movie with scary/gory scenes in it that has subtitles. When you are covering your eyes, you may miss some important dialouge. By the way, please tell me I was not the only one who had no clue the entire movie is in spanish?

When I came home at 11:00, I remebered how desperately I needed to go to the grocery store. I was exhausted, and started trying to scrape together lunches for kids. And then I remembered, PIZZA DAY! Twice a month they do pizza day at my new job. I was exstatic! And then I remembered it is Wednesday! And we eat dinner at church! Double score!

Jordan's audition for jr. high was yesterday. I don't really know what to say. I am torn between it being a great opportunity and it being WAAAYYY too much for an 11 year old. She took a test on method, then performed the 2 songs she had prepared, had to match pitch, sight read, and sing three blind mice in a round with the piano player. Yeah, how many of those things could I have actually done? I'll go with 0.

Update: I started this post 5 days ago. I abandoned it when I realized I was going to have to become a "new" blogger. I was afraid I would find a way to mess it up. But I didn't (I don't think).

Not a whole lot new, Pierce lost his first tooth, at school, which was one of the best things that has ever happened to him.

Max is growing up way to fast. If I say "Are you a baby?" He'll smile and say "Noooo." "are you a big boy?" "Ya! Big Boy!"

It snowed this morning. Why couldn't we have had the really big flakes last week when it would have stuck? Sigh. Oklahoma weather can be a tad bit frustrating.

Alright, must go participate in a ridiculously busy Saturday. Have a great weekend!
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Passive Agressive? ME?" or, "passive aggresive me" You be the judge.

I've been thinking a lot about the pictures I post on my site after reading some of Karen's latest blog entries. I know she gave some helpful code to help secure your pictures, and mentioned that you can place a stamp on your pictures. But I? Am the person who lost her blog address trying to change me header. So I decided to handle this the best way I know how: with a letter.

Dear Anyone Who Reads my Blog,

I like to post pictures of my family for the benifit of my friends and family who live out of town. Unfortunately, that means that I am posting them for, well, anyone with internet access. Here is an easy checklist to see if you have my permission to download/print my pictures:

1. You are a relative of mine
2. You are a friend of mine
3. You are a talent/model scout and can't wait to make one of the Keithclan an extremely generous offer

1. You stand to make any money off of them that you don't plan to share with me.
2. You found my site by searching "lady Angela spanking", or "Lady pooped in her pants" or any variation there of
3. You are a sicko, freak, or perv
4. You are a sicko, freak, or perv

We Keiths may not be the biggest or stongest, but we are large in number, and we will find out where you live if you disregard the rules.

Mom to Many
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Written while grinning from ear to ear

I am getting paid. For the snow days. That I didn't work! I am seriously in shock. AND I am making more than I thought I would. Not drastically more, but enough to make me smile. A lot. The money is not the only reason I decided to change jobs, but it is definitely nice. I still love every other aspect of my new job. Absolutely nothing to complain about. What a difference!

We went to Ashton's Annie cast party last night. I really like the people who run the theater. They have 7 kids, and I love feeling like I don't have that many (which is probably how everybody else feels around me). One little boy said (through tears) that he probably wouldn't be able to do any more shows, because his father had left them, and they didn't know where he was or what they were going to do about money. He was told without hesitation that he didn't need to worry about money, he was more than welcome to participate for free. And then the said a very thoughtful (not preachy or condescending) prayer for his family. It was really moving. I love to see that kind of love and generosity. It makes me smile a lot, too.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

stories for my grandkids

"when I was a little girl, ice didn't cover the ground. Instead, we had this green stuff, I think it was called 'grass'. And we didn't get around in sleighs back then. We had these things called 'cars'. It sure was adifferent world, then."
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The week in review

I have started and abandoned 3 posts this week. Nothing serious, one complaining about the constant loosing battle that is housework, one letter to Wifeswap and Super Nanny (I may come back to that one),and one counting my blessings.

Along with the ice came the stomach flu. It claimed my oldest daughter and myself. I didn't eat for 3 days, so school being called off on Tuesday was a huge blessing for me. As much as I love my new job, I don't think I would have been able to fake either pep or enthusiasm. And I do this rather disgusting burping thing when I am nauscous. Not the best way to make new friends.

Our family in McAlester has been without electricity for over 5 days. The entire town is without power, and my husband's grandmother was moved, along with her entire assisted living center, to the hospital. My mother's house is 45 degrees. Craziness.

That's about all i have time to write. I must go research rehab for my 2 year old, who screams for DOORAAA at least 10 times a day, with such despair that if you heard him you would swear I was depriving him of oxygen. How much T.V. is to much for a 2 year old? He's only watching about 10 houra day, that's about average, right?

I leave you with one of life's simple pleasures, photos given to me, months later,of an event that, although not forgotten, was definitely not at the front of my mind. These are of Pierce's birthday party back in September.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Sky is Falling!

In OkC, we are currently having an ice storm. I pulled my older girls out of school at 11:00 when I picked Pierce up from Kindergarten, mainly because of the hoards of other children being checked out early. Also, although we live very close to the school, I realize some the teachers live pretty far away, and wouldn't want them to stay at school because I felt like having a quieter afternoon.

But honestly? At 11:00, the roads weren't that bad. They were a little slushy, people should definitely drive with a little bit of elevated caution, but does that honestly justify 24 hour news coverage on all three local stations?

Last night, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, and arrived at a scene that I can't imagine could be much more dramatic if they announced a nuclear bomb was on it's way. There were no carts, and they were out of most of the staples, toliet paper, bread, jugs of water, and milk. And while I admit it is a little annoying to have to go to another store to buy milk, or, God forbid, buy soy or powdered milk, does it really justify standing in front of the empty milk case, hands on head, pacing, declaring (practically screaming) "They are out of MILK? What am I supposed to do now?!?" And there were as many carts filled with carbonated beverages and Cheetos as there were those filled with bread and toliet paper, and there was no shortage at all of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It all leads me to ask a few questions:

First, how isolated do we feel in our society? Everyone I know who lives in the city lives within 30 feet of someone else, on the same block as dozens of houses. Should the worst happen, and travel becomes utterly impossible for several days, would we really starve rather than go to a neighbor for help? Do we really feel that if we did ask for help, that shades would closed and doors would be slammed in our faces? And don't most people live close enough to a convience store or grocery store that, even if the roads were very slick, we would be able to make it to find nourishment?

Second, how hard is it for Americans to make the distinction between basic needs and conviences and wants? Yes, we may really want to have some milk for our Cheerios, but woould we perish without it in a three day period? There was no shortage of yogurt or cheese, or a variety of other sources of calcium. And while we may have a bit of a Dr. Pepper or (God forbid) Diet Coke addiction, we could all live without it for a few days, right?

I know that storms like these are an issue for many people, especially the elderly, and people with small children, undoubtedly single parents. And if I had seen a mother of a newborn sobbing in front of the empty milk case, I would have gone to buy some at the closest store where it was available and brought it back to her, because I understand all to well that even the smallest kink can seem like a major tragedy during that insane period known as postpartum.

But chances are, if you were able to make it to Wal-Mart last night, you will be able to make it through this terrible storm.

And by the way? Lady in the black Honda? If you really want my parking space? Even though you are maknig at least 10 cars wait behind you so that you can have a better spot than them? Please back up enough to give me room to back out.

And that's my two cents.
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

random thought and new pics

I am trying to keep my mind off of the enormous guilt I have for having to call in sick, (or rather, Max is sick) on my third day at my new, wonderful job. Gigantic guilt. Phenominal. Huge, But what can you do with a vomitting 22 month old?

I like signing in to blogger as an "old blogger". Some days, I feel it more than others.

Ashton's stage debut went great! I'll have Chad post a video later this week. Jordan has decided to sing "Popular" for her audition. I'll have to post a video of that, too.

Lillian and Pierce are adjusting really well to their new classes.. I love getting compliments on their behavior.

The kids got Target gift cards for Christmas. This was one of Pierce's picks.

Lillian getting her "manicure" on her birthday.

All the cool people rent "The Dark Crystal" on New Year's Eve.

Off to do much laundry. And feel incredible guilt.
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here's to 2007!

The year of new beginnings! I started my new job today, and while in some ways it is definitely more demanding, and I did come home a little tired, I am not in the least bit frustrated. Or disappointed. There are expectations of me, and I am happy to meet them. They include more than returning children alive to their parents, and making sure the don't escape, and if they do escape, standing behind the teacher, until threatened by her parents, and then, of course, swearing you always knew she was no good. The expectations are established with the best interest of the children in mind. And everything is clean! And bright! And pretty! And I had a morning potty break AND a lunch break! I'm a little excited, can you tell :)

I am trying something new for my mental health and well being, and while I will NEVER SAY THAT ANTIDEPRESSANTS ARE WRONG OR THAT PEOPLE SHOUDN'T TAKE THEM, I don't want to be on them for the rest of my life. This is more natural, and it makes sense to me, and after I have tried it for a while, I will talk about it, but right now I want to go into it with a positive attitude and don't want to hear any "My aunt tried that, and she liked it, until she grew that third breast" stories. So stay tuned.

Ashton has her debut tomorrow as Molly in "Annie", and I am VEEERRRRYYY excited! I kinda hope there aren't any talent scouts in the audiance, because of course they would want her to start making blockbuster movies right away, and I'm not quite ready for that yet.

Jordan applies for college, er, middle school this month, and I am very hopeful. She has an amazing voice that just about proves she is really Harry Conick Jr.'s lovechild, because I don't think it came from my husband, and it sure didn't come from my tone-deaf self.

I have to say, I feel at peace. I may not have a glamorous life, or by any normal standards an exciting one, but it is mine. And I love it. Every loud, sleepless, filthy second of it. I was definitely derailed for a while, but I can feel myself pulling back onto the tracks. And it feels great. I am proud of all that I have overcome in the past year. By. My. Self. ANd I don't think there is any high like rediscovering your own inner strength. So here is to 2007, may it blow the pants off 2006!
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Monday, January 01, 2007

First letter of 2007

Dear James Dobson and Michael Medved,

I am so thankful that I listened to your warnings on the true agenda of the movie "Happy Feet", because I fear I wouldn't have caught it at all on my own. And to think, I could have walked out of that movie theater with my only concern being that I didn't really want my four year old singing the lyrics to Prince's "Kiss"!

I feel that the other supposed agenda has gotten way more publilcity, (though I'm not sure why, because even if you think Al Gore is making the whole global warming thing up, how can you argue that it isn't right to teach our children to respect the Earth and all the resources that God has so graciously given us...) But I don't want to get off track.

Without being educated by you, I would have ignorantly believed that because the main character of the story himself was obviously in love with a female penguin, that the rift between the father and son represented rifts that can be caused by: Sons making career choices that the father doesn't approve of, the ol' father wants the kid to be a doctor/lawyer, kid wants to be actor/writer (singing vs. dancing); Father doesn't approve of son's friends (they are a different kind of penguin); or father and son have different political/religious beliefs, father believes God sends bad things into the world as a punisment for sin, son believes the actions of people are directly affecting the world and we need to be more respectful of the Earth, (the aliens are taking the fish away vs the fish are gone because the penguin dances). But clearly the only thing that could tear apart the relationship between a father and son where the son pleads the father to accept him for who he is is sexual oriantion. Thanks for keeping me "focused".

I feel like you should get in touch with these people (who believe that such cartoons as "Handy Manny" and "Dora" have a communist agenda), and figure out how that ties into the "gayification" of the country, because I am sure that it, like everything else, does. And to think,I thought Dora was for some unknown reason trying to create a generation of children without voice control, telling our children to "say it louder!" when we have asked them to be quiet because a younger sibling was sleeping. I am so naive!

Mom to Many
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