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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Attention crazy people: This blog is not for you!

I checked my stat counter today, (a "is this thing on?" kinda thing, since no one ever comments hint, hint) and was again amazed by the crazy google search phrases. I can't tell you how many variations of "lady pooped in her pants" I have seen, I think I mentioned "lady Angela spanking" before. This time I found "Laurie Berkner divorce", and "diaper punishment for girls". Say What?

Dear Crazy person in Sweden,
There is no appropriate punishment for potty training, they will get in in there own time. Likewise, there is no appropriate punishment for bad behavior that involves diapers in any way. This is true for both boys and girls. i can only hope your English is not so good and what you really meant was "Does anyone else feel like changing poopy diapers seems like punishment sometimes? Like when your kid eats raisins? or too many grapes? Or broccoli?"

Jamie Keith
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Right up there with "Allison wonderland"

Pierce: "Hey mom. I know why her name is "Send-her-ella". Because they always send her to the dungeon or send her to clean everything...."
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I live in a shack

I fly a helicopter

I am married to Jeff (from the Wiggles)

And I have seven children

Thank you, Ashton, for helping me remember a bit of what it's like to be eight.

Now "WAKE UP, JEFF!!" I have a feeling there are some diapers that need changing......
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Knowing I probably stand alone on this one.

I like to keep fairly up to date on what is happening in the world, but right now, I wouldn't know if we had gone to war with Canada or if they finally found the Loch Ness monster. I haven't watched much news lately, because I can't bear to see/hear/read about Anna Nicole or Britney Spears.

I know that a certain famous blogger has written several posts expressing sympathy for poor Britney. It honestly isn't that I don't have sympathy for a mother of two small children who is going through a messy divorce, I do, it's just I don't have more sympathy for her than every other mother who has small children and is going through a messy divorce.

Yes, she is in the public eye, but every divorce is experienced in the public eye. And while tabloids and magazine articles and t.v. celeb shows can be callous and brutal, they have nothing on the gossip that goes around schools, churches, and neighborhoods. Walking into a P.T.A meeting and having whispered conversations stop and glares and smirks comense , knowing that the minute you leave the whispers will begin again, do we really think that hurts less than seeing an article in The Enquirer? I also think it is highly ironic for gossip news hosts to point out that celebrities live their lives in the public eye. The general public can't feel too bad or they wouldn't flip through every tabloid that runs an unflattering story while they wait in line at the grocery store.

It's easy to express pity for a glamorous person who is disconnected, but if Brit had wound up overweight and unkempt in a trailer park, holding little Sean Preston on her hip in his t-shirt and diaper (from Wal-Mart, not a boutique), explaining how she was "just country" and that's why she was holding her baby on her lap while she was driving, or if we were confronted with videos of her partying nightly at hole in the wall clubs, showing her womanly tidbits, we would wonder why family services hadn't come to get her kids yet. I don't think that just because she has money and a highly paid manny she should get special treatment.

As far as the "I think she is self medicating" comments as to her drinking and such, I have to ask the obvious question; Isn't that what all substance abuse is generally about?

I guess I just feel that we should take a little of our concern and focus it more towards home. Because when you hear a local news story about a mother who has died and there are numerous possibilities as to the father, chances are that baby isn't going to end up in the lap of luxury. More likely foster care, and those are the children that sincerely need our support.

Mom to Many

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


1.All of my kids (except Max) use or have used the contraction amn't. "I amn't hungry." It makes sense, it follows grammatical rules, and I am petitioning Webster for it to be put in the dictionary.

2. All of my children (except for Max, who just screams "MINE!") say or have said What I have instead of that I have. "Hey mom, you know that book what I have?" I think that might be kind of a British thing?

3. Ashton was in Kindergarten and had a homework sheet. She brought it to me for help, very confused. The object was to match the pictures of different foods with their beginning letters. She had completed all but one, and was left with a potato on one side and a p on the other. "I must have made a mistake somewhere, but there is only one b, and bread starts with b, right?" I hadn't realized that her whole life she had been saying botato, she honestly made it to kindergarten eating botato soup and botato salad.

4. Pierce likes to describe things as soaking. "Mom I am soaking hungry!" "It is soaking hot today!" This one brings concerned looks from people, who I believe are thinking he is mispronouncing the "f" bomb.

Ashton had 5 teeth pulled today, and today is the last day she will see her best friend for at least a few years. I think I may be taking it harder than her. Especially the teeth. Keep her in your prayers.....
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Posting only because I feel obligated....

And I'm not really sure why. Anyone who reads my blog either knows how hectic life can be with many little ones, or I am sure can sympathize. And it is not as though I am terrifically interesting...

Yet here I am. Posting quickly before I take the girls to their evening activity, as if doing so will make the world a better place.

All Keiths are well. YIPPEEE!!! (Trust me, this warrants caps and excessive exclamation mark usage.) There are still a few runny noses, an occasional cough, both with which are greeted with fierce glares from mom, meaning "don't you even think about getting sick again." The other day , Pierce told me his stomach was feeling funny. I said "no it's not." And I willed the stomach bug away.

We have been busy as usual. Ashton's best friend is moving to Germany this week, they have been together almost every day for the last two weeks, I am posting pics of Ashton and her friend and a turkey from the Oklahoma trails exhibit from the Zoo. Sheer randomness.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cabin fever

Wow. Today is the first day in two weeks that all of my kids made it to school. Every single Keith kid got this crazy "just-as-bad-as-the-flu" virus. That makes Keith history (let's hope history never repeats itself).

The effect on me? It is amazing to me how dependent on my routine I am. The past few months I have been doing a fabulous job of fighting of depression, but these last few weeks have been brutal.
I was happy to stay at home when I did (four score and two kids ago), and I am sure I would love it again given the opportunity, but when I am not expecting it, and when I am homebound with sick kids, let's just say it's not my cop o' tea.

But the good news? The fabulous news? Spring is slowly creeping in! I actually saw somebody mowing their lawn the other day, granted I think they were being a bit obsessive, or made they just had cabin fever, too. Who knows? Who cares? I saw a dandelion the other day! A beautiful yellow dandelion! We are going out of town this weekend to celebrate the coming of spring. Yeah, Spring!

Oh, and I? am the mother of five kids, age 11 to 2. TWO! My baby is TWO! Maybe we should have just one more.... :)
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