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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hey Brooke, Charlie can say Da-Da, but can she sit?

I'd record me singing "sunrise, sunset", but I guess I'll spare you this time.
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Friday, August 26, 2005

lake pictures at last!!!

Sorry mom, it's been pretty crazy lately, but here are some pics from the lake. Can't wait to go again, (hint, hint).
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ticks love *****

So we a had a great relaxing weekend, but at what price??? If you have been following t his blog at all, you have probably figured out by now that the Keith family carries some bizarre and horrid curse.
When we returned from camp, we noticed Pierce had a few ticks around his groin, and what appeared to be chigger bites. On Monday, I noticed that he had a few more bug bites on his back. Wednesday morning, it appears as if Pierce has the chicken pox. Chad comes home from work Wednesday and we get in an argument

Chad, he has chicken pox.

No, jamie, it is bug bites.

No Chad, bug bites don't spread.

Chad pulls what appears to be a small scab off of one of the bumps and says, "I think it's a tick."

I say I don't think so, so he scans it and magnifies it 200 times and by golly it is definitely a bug of some sort

The extremely calm person I am (ha ha) I start screaming that Chad needs to take him to the ER right then, do not pass go, and the almost annoyingly calm person he is, he starts inspecting Pierce to see if indeed there is a bug in each 200 OR SO bites!!!

He leaves, I start looking frantically on line, convinced it can not possibly be ticks, and find horrid things like bed bugs and body lice and come dangerously close to stripping us all naked and checking into a hotel that way, surely people would understand...

Then I talk to Jim Beavers who tells me that ticks lay eggs on leaves and that he has found 2 inch thick bands of them in the creases of his jeans when he has been hunting, and that he has seen people have so many tick bites that it looks like they have chicken pox. GRROOOSSSSSS!!!

So, Pierce did indeed have that many tick bites, and they sent him home with an antibiotic and told Chad the best way to get any more that we find off was with tweezers. The amount of money it will take for his therapy.....

No words can correctly describe the scene in which a four year old boy is held down by his mother while his father goes after his groin with tweezers to take off a dozen or so miniscule ticks...

I bleached and washed anything in the house that would stand still, plopped very tiredly into bed at 1:30 a.m., and the rest of the story involves my husband and the tweezers, but I will let you use your imagination and the title of this story to figure that out...
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

puke free reprieve

The Keiths enjoyed a very needed very relaxing weekend!!! Saturday morning we met my mother and Les at Eufala and spent the afternoon on their boat. Then we headed to Dwight to spend the night at Allison's. Some of my favorite weekend moments:

Watching the girls' excited faces as we bumped across the wake of another boat. And Pierce napping on his daddy's chest.

Lillian playing with her hat on the beach, filling it up with water, and dumping it on her head, over and over.

Sitting on Allison's porch and watching the dozen or so hummingbirds that came within a foot or so of you, they are so amazing!!!

Watching my four oldest children walk peacefully across the field, hand in hand, together.

On the way home, listening to "Ramona the Brave", great book, read by Stockard Channing, I could listen to her read the dictionary.

Thanks so much to my mom and Les and Allison for making such a great weekend possible!!!
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Monday, August 01, 2005

"The other side" or "the far side", I'm not sure "witch"

So Jordan and I have both finished reading the sixth Harry Potter books. I started reading them two years ago, I wanted to see what they were for myself before unleashing them on my second grader. I was pleasantly surprised to find them well written, sure to be classic children's books.

So Jordan goes to the library with P.T. and checks out a biography on J.K. Rowlings. She comes home and tells me that one of the moms told her that witches are real and evil and basically that God does not like them.

Sooo, last night at family night, said mom approaches me.
---"I just wanted to let you know that I talked with Jordan a little at the library and I wanted to make sure you heard from me what was said."

-----"Okay." and of course I am thinking "Jordan must have exaggerated."

-----"Well, I asked her why she was choosing that book and told her that witches
are real and that I have a woman at my church who used to be a witch and now she is a Christian and I would like to give her a booklet that she wrote but I wouldn't do that without asking you first."

-----In awe, I reply "okay",... And I wonder, is it wrong to be singing "Super Freak" in your head the entire time someone is talking to you?

And then she goes to her purse to get the booklet, because Jesus's motto was be prepared...Wait maybe that's the boy scouts
ANYWAY, so she comes back with the all important booklet and says:

----"you know, Jordan is a very smart girl. She asked me some great questions, like'can you be a witch and still be a Christian?'

----" I don't know, a better question might be, can you be materialistic and still be a Christian? I mean, what WOULD Jesus do? Would he live in a $200,000 house, shop at The Gap, buy products made in third world countries by child laborers because they are so darn cute and cheap, stand on the playground and gossip about mothers to other mothers, all the while focusing on saving the world "one Harry Potter book at a time" and boycotting theme parks instead of putting their efforts into, I don't know, say, feeding the hungry, saving the o-zone, animal rights, the rain forests, or something like that? I DON'T THINK SO, FREAKY FUNDAMENTAL CHRISTIAN MOM!!!!

what I actually said:

----" well, I read all the books before I allow Jordan to read them, and then we discuss them, more on their human rights revelance than witchcraft. You know, she uses a lot of parallels with the Holocaust which is really important right now, what with the genocide in Africa and the problems in the Middle East and all."

She smiles, tells me to read the all important booklet, which warns not only of the evils of witchcraft but magic 8 balls as well, and goes home, I am sure, to pray for our Presbyterian souls.


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